A man who has been able to blend the economic, spiritual & social in one holistic ecosphere, Shanker Adawal is truly part of a rare breed. He understands the sheer tremendousness of hard work and determination, and has seen it all in the arena of economic development in India over the last 40 years.
As a methodical man, he has formulated the fundamental toolkit for a life well lived through his continuous study of the world of metaphysics as a renowned astrologer & with the growth of his human rights focused NGO.


Metaphysics, astrology & the occult are all sides of the same triangle. Shanker Adawal has made it his life’s mission to understand every permutation & combination applicable to the angles of these subjects through years & years of research.  

Read on to know about the story of his journey with the metaphysical world.


From being at the heart of the economic and telecom revolution to being at the core of one of India’s leading companies, Shanker Adawal has seen it all and learned it all. Today, he is a stalwart in the industry that has become a household name for many.


An encounter with true adversity helped Shanker Adawal set up Manavadhikar Samajik Manch, an oraginzation that helps with the upliftment of those whose voices are not heard, through legal aid and medical rehabilitation camps.

Every person has a voice, and Shanker Adawal makes sure they have a platform to speak.